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  • Samsung's chips push it to record profits

    Samsung may be known for its lg g4 model number , but when it comes to its earnings, it's all about the chips.

    The South Korean technology giant on Monday reported its biggest operating profit ever as it benefited from strong demand for its memory chips and other components. Samsung not only uses processors it manufactures in its own devices but also sells them to customers like Apple.

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  • The Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is the best Active yet

    It’s easy to say that the newest generation of something is “the best one yet” – I mean, it is the newest one. Most of the time, that means significant upgrades have been made. 

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  • Samsung ramping up production of OLED panels for Apple's iPhone later this month

    Samsung Display seems to be the main OLED panel supplier for Apple's next generation lg parts , which is the main reason the South Korean company invested quite a lot of money into bringing in equipment for is A3 plant and constructing back-end process lines in Vietnam.

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